Biobank Regulation and MTA templates are open for consultation!

These two documents are essential for all biobanks. In its mission to help biobanks complying with applicable standards, SBP will soon provide templates to support each biobank building up a strong gouvernance.

As the main users, you get the opportunity to review these two main Governance documents. Please take the chance to comment before publication!

The Biobank Regulation

This document defines a biobank’s purpose, activities, and organization.
Beyond compliance with legal requirements and ethical/professional standards, the Regulation promotes transparency, thereby enhancing public trust in research.

The Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)

This document defines the transfer and use of human biological material, and associated data for research purposes.
The Agreement should be made available by a provider to a non-profit third party wishing to use this research material and data for its own research.

These two documents have been developed by SBP with the expertise of its Governance Advisory Board members (pdf). These documents should reflect your daily practice, and effectively support the development of a proper governance.


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Please send your comments before April 17th