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Implementation and operation of a gateway for health into BBMRI-ERIC

The ADOPT BBMRI-ERIC proposal aims to boost and accelerate the implementation of BBMRI-ERIC and its services. SBP is mainly involved in WP 2 (Datasets) and 3 (IT Gateway to European Biobanks) related to the setup of a Colorectal Cancer Cohort, i.e. coordinates the participation of Swiss biobanks.

European wide collection of colorectal cancer cases

The Colorectal Cancer Cohort serves as a pilot for the ADOPT project. Datasets and samples from different well-established biobanks in Europe are gathered together with the aim of providing data and samples for future research use. The data is anonymized and made available centrally for any researcher who wishes to define their research question based on this data. Access to more granular data or samples will only be possible following the access policy of the particular biobank.

The goal of the Colorectal Cancer Cohort is to:

  • Collect 10000 cases with detailed pathological and clinical data and tissue samples;
  • Enable a large spectrum of different types of research, e.g. identifying biomarkers for predicting prognosis and selecting therapy, or providing digital images of histopathological sections with outcome data for the development of imaging biomarkers by machine learning;
  • Evaluate the quality of anonymization techniques;
  • Support researchers in relevant projects;
  • Reuse procedures and IT tools for other diseases / cohorts.

In Switzerland, the Tissue Bank Bern, operated by the Institute of Pathology as joint facility of the University of Bern and the Inselspital, has successfully provided around 300 cases.


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