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June 28, 2018

BioLink: Grants for the networking of biobanks established for research purposes

Swiss National Science Foundation has just launched its second BioLink Call!

BioLink is intended for investigators who wish to network their biobanks using IT systems. This harmonisation of the IT systems will result in the sharing of data so as to address well-defined, scientific questions. BioLink is open to all research domains. The biobanks are already established.

4.7 million Swiss francs have been allocated to the 2018 call with the intention of supporting 6 to 8 projects. ​The duration of funding is limited to 24 months.

Grantees commit to collaborate with the Swiss Biobanking Platform and, in particular, to consult with SBP on the choice of their IT systems and to register in SBP’s national biobank directory.

For application

Details can be found here.


Letters of intent are to be sent to the following e-mail address by 16 July 2018:
Applications must be submitted via mySNF by 24 September 2018.


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