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BioLink is a SNSF program supporting biobanks established for research purposes to be integrated in a network. This networking of biobanks require efforts towards harmonization (e.g. interoperability, visibility) to promote the sharing of biological resources so as to address well-defined, scientific questions.

To support the harmonization of their IT systems, SBP is offering its IT services as well as SBP datasets which cover the different biobanking processes from sampling to retrieval and propose a common language to describe preanalytical attributes of samples. These documentation aspects are essential to promote sample quality. Future SBP developments (i.e. E-catalogue and SBP BIMS) will be a strong additional value for BioLink projects.

Three SNSF calls have been launched since 2017 and SBP is a key partner of the following projects:

  • Biobanking for state-of-the-art Sepsis research (K.Rentsch, Universitätsspital Basel);
  • PathoLink: Connecting biobanks to determine mechanisms of metastasis formation and chemoresistance (H. Moch, Universitätsspital Zürich);
  • The Swiss Pediatric Hematology/ Oncology Metabank – a network for precision medicine research (J-P Bourquin, Kinderspital Zürich);
  • Infectious Diseases Biobank Zurich (A. Zinkernagel, Universitätsspital Zürich);
  • Linking biobanks to contribute to the 3R concept in mammary cancer research (F. Guscetti, Vetsuisse-Fakultät Universität Zürich)

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