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Dataset for Veterinary Samples

An important aim of Swiss Biobanking Platform is to promote exchange and use of biological samples. Researchers need to be able to assess the suitability of samples for their planned application. Relevant sample data thus need to be documented by the biobanks in a standardized way. Defining the essential data linked to samples supports the goal of improving the quality of samples, making samples from different biobanks comparable and searchable (interoperability), promoting their exchange and enhancing visibility. To this end, the SBP Working Group Veterinary proposes – in line with the strategy of the Working Groups Liquid/Tissue – veterinary datasets for liquid and tissue samples, recommended to be used by all biobanks.

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The consultation has closed on October 19, 2018.

The aim of the public consultation was to get feedback from a broader target group and with this to ensure the relevance and acceptance of the dataset in the veterinary community.


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