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November 28, 2019
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Swiss Biobanking Platform will attend the Europe Biobank Week 2019

The Europe Biobank Week 2019 will be held on 8 -11 October in Lübeck, Germany!

SBP representation @ EBW2019:

Oct 9th, 4-5pm
Poster session

SBP labels as an incentive for Swiss biobanks’ fundings?
Presenting author: Sabine Bavamian — SBP Governance Manager

Pathway to SBP Compliance Review Program
Presenting author: Joséphine Uldry — SBP Quality Officer

Launching of the SBP e-catalogue: how to federate users and promote scientific collaboration?
Presenting author: Julien Virzi — SBP BIMS Project Manager

LBB representation @ EBW2019:
The Liquid Biobank Bern, one of SBP key partner, will be featured at EBW2019.

Oct 8th, 9-12am
Workshop on Automated Sample Storage and IT Solutions – Are We There Yet and Is It Worth It?
With Dr. Tanja Fröhlich — Liquid Biobank Bern
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Oct 9th, 4-5pm
Poster session
Pre-Analytic Impact on Sample Quality – Means & Measures
Presenting author: Dr. Tanja Fröhlich — Liquid Biobank Bern

Oct 10th, 2-3:30pm
Session 7A: How do Biobanks Support Clinical Trials & Precision Medicine?
Chairs: Christine Currat & Rita Lawlor
Featuring Prof. Carlo Largiadèr — Liquid Biobank Bern
Health-Care Integrated Biobanking Processes to Support Precision Medicine Clinical Trials

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