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Materiel Transfer Agreement (MTA) Template

This Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) template governs the transfer and use of human biological material and associated data made available by a provider to a non-profit third party wishing to use this research material and data for its own research purposes. This template is intended to be used by Swiss Biobanking Platform (SBP) partners who work in compliance with the governance principles issued from applicable ethical and legal requirements and follow professional biobanking standards as stated in their Biobank Regulation. The use of this template is limited to exchange between academic institutions and is not suitable for exchange between for-profit organizations.

An MTA must be concluded between legal entities, which are to be bound by the contractual provisions, not between individual scientists involved in the transfer and the related research, since they might not be able to guarantee the implementation of the contractual obligations.

In the majority of instances this template will be suitable without alteration. Marked fields must be completed. In certain settings, modifications will be necessary. If required, specific legal advice should be sought.

The template is intended to facilitate the exchange of human biological material and data within Switzerland.

Download the MTA template consultation file:

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