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January 28, 2021
Newsletter, SBP

Newsletter January 2021


 January 2021

> What's "NExT"?
> Save the date — 20th April — Workshop SBP / SNSF — Connecting researchers and biobanks: the BioLink experience. What's "NExT"?


Topics for upcoming newsletters

 February — What are the key features of NExT? The biobanks give us their opinions.

 March — Biobanks discover the advantages of the "community" feature: a special area of the catalogue dedicated to members.

 April — Researchers test the NExT e-catalogue. Their testimonials.

 20th April 2021 — Official launch of NExT at the WORKSHOP co-organised with the SNSF and SBP.
Save the date!

A new year has begun, full of good resolutions and hope for a better future!

Special mention goes to our partner biobanks, who contribute to positioning our platform as a reference in the Swiss biobanking community and as the national node of the European network, BBMRI-ERIC.

Thanks to the new funding allocated by the SNSF, we are working on new tools that will make 2021 a year of progress, innovation and sharing.

A new instrument dedicated to biobanks and researchers

After the Biobank SQAN as an essential tool for harmonizing and promoting the quality of biobanking, we are pleased to present our new instrument, the interactive e-catalogue called NExT, which will be launched on 20th April 2021 at a WORKSHOP co-organized by the SNSF.

NExT: a new exploration and communication platform for biobanks and researchers

Firmly convinced that biobanks are key partners in research, we are currently developing the first national e-catalogue, the NExT, with the following highlights:

  • Visibility and connection between biobanks and researchers in Switzerland and Europe
  • Possibility of creating and joining research communities
  • Fast and efficient advanced searches through personalised mapping
  • Access to information on biobank quality management: standardised data collection, harmonisation of datasets, etc.
  • Regular data updates

A group of pilot biobanks is currently participating in the realization of the NExT e-catalogue for an optimal exploitation of the system starting April 2021.

If you are ready to explore its advantages and want to increase the visibility of your biobank and its samples, stay informed about the development of NExT!


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