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SBP Governance

SBP Governing Board

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The Governing Board is composed of representatives of ordinary members and of expert members.

The ordinary members of SBP are the University Hospitals of Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne and Zürich, considered as non-profit institutions and organisations active in the biobanking field. The ordinary members constitute the SBP General Assembly. Each ordinary member appoints an individual (a member of the general management) to act as its representative on the General Assembly and on the Governing Board.

SBP also has expert members, a maximum of three, identified as individuals recognized in specific biobanking domains. These expert members are recommended by the Governing Board and elected by the General Assembly.

The President, the Vice-president and the Governing Board are elected for a three year period.


  • Prof. Antoine Geissbühler
    Vice-dean for humanitarian and international affairs, UNIGE


  • Prof. Aurel Perren
    Director Institute of Pathology,
    University Hospital Bern

Ordinary members

  • Basel
    Prof. Christoph Meier
    Chief Medical Officer, University Hospital Basel.
  • Bern
    Prof. Matthias Gugger
    Director Education and Research, Inselspital Bern.
  • Geneva
    Prof. Antoine Geissbühler, President
    Vice-dean for humanitarian and international affairs, UNIGE
  • Lausanne
    Prof. Jean-Daniel Tissot
    Dean FBM, UNIL
  • Zürich
    Prof. Gabriela Senti
    Director Research and Education, USZ

Expert members

  • Liquid biobanking
    Prof. Carlo Largiadèr
  • Tissue biobanking
    Prof. Aurel Perren, vice president
  • Non-humanbiobanking
    Prof. Tosso Leeb
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