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SBP Governance

SBP Governing Board

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SBP activities are supervised by the Governing Board, which is composed of the founding members of the SBP association, representing non-profit organisations officially commissioned to conduct biobanking activities. The five University Hospitals were designated together with the Project Group, having one vote each. The President, the Vice-president, and the Governing Board were elected for a three-year period. For the first two years only the founding members will be part of the association; a concept for integrating biobanks as associate members will be examined in the near future, as well as integrating other ordinary members representing the non-human field into the Governing Board.

Project group

  • Prof. Vincent Mooser
    Head Laboratory Department at CHUV
  • Prof. Tosso Leeb
    Head Institute of Genetics,
    Vetsuisse Faculty, Bern
  • Prof. Aurel Perren, Vice-President
    Director Institute of Pathology,
    University Hospital Bern
  • Prof. Nicole Probst-Hensch
    Head Unit Chronic Disease
    Epidemiology, Swiss TPH Basel

University hospital

  • Basel
    Prof. Christoph Meier
    Chief Medical Officer, University Hospital Basel.
  • Bern
    Prof. Matthias Gugger
    Director Education and Research, Inselspital Bern.
  • Geneva
    Prof. Antoine Geissbühler, President
    Vice-dean for humanitarian and international affairs, UNIGE
  • Lausanne
    Prof. Jean-Daniel Tissot
    Dean FBM, UNIL
  • Zürich
    Prof. Gabriela Senti
    Director Research and Education, USZ
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