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SBP Governance

SBP Boards

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Governing Board

SBP activities are supervised by the Governing Board, which is composed of the founding members of the SBP association, representing non-profit organisations officially commissioned to conduct biobanking activities. The five University Hospitals were designated together with the Project Group, having one vote each. The President, the Vice-president, and the Governing Board were elected for a three-year period. For the first two years only the founding members will be part of the association; a concept for integrating biobanks as associate members will be examined in the near future, as well as integrating other ordinary members representing the non-human field into the Governing Board.

Project group

  • Prof. Vincent Mooser
    Head Laboratory Department at CHUV
  • Prof. Tosso Leeb
    Head Institute of Genetics,
    Vetsuisse Faculty, Bern
  • Prof. Aurel Perren, Vice-President
    Director Institute of Pathology,
    University Hospital Bern
  • Prof. Nicole Probst-Hensch
    Head Unit Chronic Disease
    Epidemiology, Swiss TPH Basel

University hospital

  • Basel
    Prof. Christoph Meier
    Chief Medical Officer, University Hospital Basel.
  • Bern
    Prof. Matthias Gugger
    Director Education and Research, Inselspital Bern.
  • Geneva
    Prof. Antoine Geissbühler, President
    Vice-dean for humanitarian and international affairs, UNIGE
  • Lausanne
    Prof. Jean-Daniel Tissot
    Dean FBM, UNIL
  • Zürich
    Prof. Gabriela Senti
    Director Research and Education, USZ

Strategic Advisory Board

The Governing Board is advised by a strategic advisory board that gives recommendations on the long-term development of the association. It consists of institutions and organisations representing well-balanced opinions from  a variety of important stakeholders within the fields of interest of SBP, without decision-making and/or discretionary power.

SBP Strategic Advisory Board members

  • Dr. Yilmaz Aysim
    Head of Division Biology & Medicine,
    Swiss National Science Foundation
  • Prof. François Bussy
    Vice Rector “Research and International Relations”,
    University of Lausanne
  • Dr. Roland Charrière
    Head of Consumer Protection Directorate,
    Federal Office of Public Health
  • Dr. Med. Susanne Driessen
    President of Swissethics
  • Prof. Jacques Fellay
    Senior Scientist, EPFL, Human genomics of infection and immunity
  • Dr. Med. Christoph Hock
    Full Professor at the Medical Faculty, University of Zurich, as well as Director at the Institute for Regenerative Medicine, University of Zurich – Campus Schlieren
  • Dr. Georges Imbert
  • Annette Magnin
    Managing Director of the Swiss Clinical Trial Organisation (SCTO)
  • Prof. Dr. Christian Leumann
    Rector of the University Bern
  • Dr. Margrit Leuthold
    In charge of the strategic positioning of medical research at ETH Zurich, Managerin medizinische Forschung
  • Prof. Peter Meier-Abt
    Vice President of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (SAMS), Zurich
  • Prof. Michel Oris
    Vice Rector, UNIGE
  • Prof. Radek Skoda
    Head of Department of Biomedicine, Research group leader (FG Skoda), University Hospital Basel
  • Prof. Marcel Tanner
    Professor and Chair of Epidemiology and Medical Parasitology at the University of Basel and at the Federal Institute of Technology
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Zurbriggen
    Dean Vetsuisse-Faculty, University of Bern

Governance Advisory Board

SBP Governance Advisory Board (GAB) was created in March 2017. This Board consists of multidisciplinary Swiss experts from the research and healthcommunities, including professionals with strong legal and ethical expertise. GAB’s role is to advise SBP on biobanking-related governance issues.

SBP Governance Advisory Board members

  • Dr. Karim Boubaker 
    Cantonal medical Officer of Vaud
    CHUV, Lausanne
  • Prof. Bernice Elger
    Head of the Institute for Biomedical Ethics
    Institute for Biomedical Ethics, Basel
  • Danielle Krebs, PhD
    University hospitals representative
    Inselspital, Bern
  • PD Dr. med. Tanja Krones
    Leitende Ärztin Klinische Ethik
    Geschäftsführerin  Klinisches Ethikkomitee Universitätsspital Zürich
    Universitätsspital, Zürich
  • Prof. Mario Lazzaro
    Médecin cantonal adjoint TI
    Vice-président Commission d’éthique de la recherche TI
    Ufficio del medico cantonale, Bellinzona
  • Dr. phil. Simone Romagnoli
    Collaborateur scientifique
    CNE/NEK, Bern
  • Prof. Dr. Franziska Sprecher
    Assistenzprofessur für öffentliches Recht
    Patients’ organisation representative
    SPO Patienschutz, Zürich
  • Prof. Dominique Sprumont
    Professeur ordinaire
    Directeur-adjoint de l’Institut de droit de la santé
    Vice-directeur SSPH+
    Institut du droit de la santé – Université de Neuchâtel
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