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The monitoring platform to make your samples visible for the research community is ready


We are building up an exploration and communication platform for you

The NExT tool is currently usable for searching biobanks at a macro level. The sample search with preanalytical data, on a micro level, will be available soon.

The new interactive e-catalogue, the NExT, dedicated to Biobanks and researchers

SBP NExT is an intuitive and visual tool to discover the Swiss Biobank Network through a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Firmly convinced that Biobanks are key partners in research, we are currently developing the first national e-catalogue, the NExT, with the following advantages:

Visibility and connections in Switzerland and in Europe (BBMRI Directory)

Possibility of creating and joining research communities

Fast and efficient advanced searches through personalized mapping

Access to information on Biobank quality management: standardized data collection, harmonization of datasets, etc.

Regular data update

BBMRI Directory is a web-based tool, designed to share aggregate information about Biobanks.
This tool is intended for:
  1. Biobanks and biobanks infrastructures willing to increase their visibility at a European level.
  2. Researchers looking for samples and related data for research purpose.

Your Biobank
has not yet obtained
a SBP label?

Your Biobank is already labelized and you wish to make
your samples visible?

Explore the Biobank network
and communication platform.

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We are building an innovative sharing platform for researchers

We strive to provide you with a fast and efficient tool for advanced researchers through a simplified process. 

Researcher’s exploration
Researcher and Biobank communication

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