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SBP recommendations

SBP receives questions from researchers/biobankers on different aspects of biobanking: ELSI, Quality or IT. SBP provides dedicated expertise to address these questions and much of the information generated from our consulting service will also be beneficial to the wider biobanking community.

We thus adapt our answers and publish them as SBP recommendations to help the research community that could be interested in these topics or could face the same issues.

If you want to benefit from our consulting service, please send us your questions at

SBP recommendation on retention of original consent forms

Our recommendation addresses the question whether the signed consent forms for participation in a study/biobank must be kept in the original (paper) version, or whether it is sufficient to keep the scanned version of the consent form.

SBP recommendation on consequences of withdrawal of consent

Our recommendation addresses the question of whether, after withdrawal of consent, biological material may continue to be used in an anonymized form, as the law allows in some circumstances.

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