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Liquid Working Group (WG)

The SBP Liquid WG is composed of experts in clinical chemistry and operational biobank managers from Swiss University Hospitals. The group reviewed existing European and international guidelines, to make pre-analytical recommendations related to biobanking of liquid biomaterials in order to support quality sample collection and interoperability among biobanks.

A first version of a pre-analytical liquid dataset based on international recommendations has been agreed and published.

Additionally, this WG can be mandated on specific questions upon request. The Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), for its pilot study “Swiss Health Study“, is officially advised on pre-analytical procedures and any other biobanking related issues by SBP Liquid WG.

List of members

Experts = Heads of CH University
Hospitals Clinical Chemistry labs

  • Katharina Rentsch – USB Basel
  • Martin Fiedler – Insel Bern
  • Carlo Largiadèr – Insel Bern
  • Vincent Mooser – CHUV Lausanne
  • Nicolas Vuilleumier – HUG Geneva
  • Martin Hersberger – KISPI USZ Zurich
  • Arnold von Eckardstein – USZ Zurich

Operational managers

  • Sandra Mitrovic – USB Basel
  • Tanja Froehlich – Insel Bern
  • Elodie Ristorcelli – CHUV Lausanne
  • Pierre- Alain Binz – CHUV Lausanne
  • Pierre Lescuyer – HUG Geneva
  • Jivko Stoyanov – Swiss Paraplegic Center, Notwill
  • Sander Botter — Balgrist Campus, Zurich
  • Wijtske Wallimann — USZ Zurich



Carlo Largiadèr
Head of Liquid Biobank Bern, Inselspital


Swiss Biobanking Platform
+41 21 314 52 84


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