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Microbiology Working Group (WG)

The SBP Microbiology WG is composed of experts and operational biobank managers from Swiss Universities and (University) Hospitals, the Swiss Society for Microbiology, as well various private laboratories. The group was mandated to analyze the current sampling practices and suggest datasets for microbiological samples to support the interoperability among biobanks and facilitate the exchange of samples. A first dataset for bacteria has been defined and opened for public consultation.

A first version of a pre-analytical bacteria dataset has been developed and published.

List of members


  • Ronald Dijkman – VetSuisse BE
  • Alexis Dumoulin – Hospital VS
  • Adrian Egli – USB
  • Andrea Endimiani – UNIBE
  • Adrien Fischer  – HUG
  • Hans H. Frankhauser – KSA
  • Paul Friderich – LUKS
  • Bruno Gottstein – VetSuisse BE
  • Gilbert Greub – UNIL, CHUV, SSM
  • Christof Holliger – EPFL, SSM
  • Jörg Jores – VetSuisse BE
  • Peter Keller – UNIBE
  • Stephen Leib – UNIBE Insel
  • Olivier Nolte – KSSG
  • Michael Oberle – KSA
  • Martin Risch – KSGR
  • Jacques Schrenzel – UNIGE, HUG
  • Dominique Sanglard – UNIL, CHUV
  • Volker Thiel – VetSuisse BE, SSM
  • Kurt Tobler – VetSuisse ZH
  • Patrick Viollier – UNIGE, SSM
  • Reinhard Zbinden – UZH, SSM

Private Laboratories

  • André Burnens (SYNLAB Suisse SA)
  • Olivier Dubuis (Viollier)
  • Geraldine Jost (dianalabs)
  • Nadia Liassine (dianalabs)
  • Katja Lucke (Unilabs AG)
  • Carola Maffioli (mcl)
  • Hans H. Siegrist (ADMED Microbiologie)
  • Nadia Wohlwend (Dr. Risch)



Franziska Suter
Head of clinical microbiology department, University of Bern


Sabine Bavamian
Swiss Biobanking Platform
+41 21 314 52 84


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