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Tissue Working Group (WG)

The SBP Tissue WG is composed of experts in Pathology and operational Tissue biobank managers from Swiss University Hospitals and Swiss Universities. The group was mandated to analyze the current practices and evaluate any gaps with existing international and European guidelines. The overall mission is to improve sample quality, harmonize practices and offer solutions to support interoperability among biobanks.

A first version of a pre-analytical tissue dataset based on international recommendations has been agreed and published.

The PathoLink, the SNSF BioLink funded project which involves the 5 University Pathology Institutes, work closely with the group as their projects have common objectives. The implementation and documentation of the established dataset is a major part of the project. It will be followed by the creation of an e-catalogue, through which the 5 pathology Institutes will be able to look for and exchange samples.

List of members

Experts = Swiss society of pathology

  • Luigi Terraciano – Basel
  • Aurel Perren – Bern
  • Laurence De Leval – Lausanne
  • Laura Rubbia-Brandt – Geneva
  • Holger Moch – Zurich
  • Wolfram Jochum – St-Gallen

Operational managers

  • Serenella Eppenberger – Basel
  • Tilman Rau – Bern
  • Inti Zlobec – Bern
  • Nathalie Piazzon – Lausanne
  • Thomas McKee – Geneva
  • Peter Schraml – Zurich
  • Wolfram Jochum – St-Gallen



Aurel Perren
Director of the Institute of Pathology,
University of Bern


Swiss Biobanking Platform
+41 21 314 52 84


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