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Working Group (WG) Veterinary

The SBP Veterinary WG is composed of experts and operational biobank managers from Vetsuisse Bern and Zurich. The group has the objective to develop a first consent template for animal owners allowing the reuse of animal material for research. This consent is in revision by multiple stakeholders (clinicians and legal experts) and will be finalized in 2018. Further, the adaption of the liquid and tissue dataset to veterinary samples is under discussion.

List of members

Vetsuisse Bern

  • Ronald Dijkman
  • Michaela Drögemüller
  • Vinzenz Gerber
  • Bruno Gottstein
  • Jörg Jores
  • Anna Overmann
  • Sven Rottenberg
  • Marie-Pierre Ryser
  • Volker Thiel

Vetsuisse Zurich

  • Franco  Guscetti
  • Regina  Hofmann-Lehmann
  • Kurt Tobler



Tosso Leeb
Director Institute of Genetics
Vetsuisse Faculty, University of Bern
+41 31 631 23 26


Swiss Biobanking Platform
+41 21 314 52 84

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