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About us

Swiss Biobanking Platform (SBP) is the national coordination platform for human and non-human biobanks. It aims to respond to the increasing requests from biomedical researchers regarding quality and the interconnectedness of biobanks for research purposes. SBP was initiated by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), and the association has been created on June 1st, 2016.

SBP should drive substantial progress in life sciences
by being the privileged partner of Swiss biomedical researchers.

A reliable network of biobank

SBP vision is to help Switzerland consolidate its position at the forefront of biomedical research by facilitating access and optimal usage of its existing and future biobanked specimens.

Considering the fact that sample quality is the cornerstone of a biobank’s reputation, the SBP mission is to develop a reliable customer-oriented network of biobanks in Switzerland with harmonised processes in terms of:

  • General information and consent of citizens (including patients)
  • Preanalytical conditions for sample processing and storage
  • Laboratory informatics management system associated with samples, data storage, and confidentiality
  • Annotation of samples and data
  • Traceability, access, and distribution of samples and data for research purposes
  • Support to investigators
  • Biobank sustainability

Production of harmonised process

To that end, SBP shall develop the following objectives, which are clearly defined in an agreement co-signed 29th June 2015 by SNSF, SAMS, and the project group:

  • Setup of a professional organisation in close collaboration with the 5 University Hospitals
  • Creation of a central web-based catalogue of existing and de-novo biobanks with data and samples’ access policies
  • Integration of non-human biobanks
  • Coordination and harmonisation of biobanking activities
  • Support in terms of legal, ethical and societal issues (ELSI)
  • Implementation of a proof of concept study for the credibility of the platform
  • Representation and evolution as the Swiss node in the BBMRI network
  • Development of a business model to ensure sustainable funding of the SBP

The SBP will be deployed in four phases with the launch of the platform in 2015, the analysis of existing biobanks in 2016, the establishment of harmonised procedures by 2017 that will be implemented in a pilot feasibility study as soon as 2018.

SBP values

SBP is proud of its values:

  • Independence. SBP is an independent structure, not influenced by commercial, political, or institutional bodies.
  • Common good. SBP promotes optimisation of biological resources’ management by sharing samples and their associated data in a collaborative approach.
  • Equity. SBP respects the plurality of member biobanks and the diversity of their scientific, medical, or technical specificities.
  • Expertise. SBP is committed to developing the strategic areas of support for its members to maintain a level of excellence in this area.
  • Support for innovation. SBP facilitates the scientific progress achievable by encouraging appropriate management of biological resources for research purposes. Access and use of biological resources must be the subject of agreements in the form of partnership and intellectual property.

SBP Annual reports

The SBP annual reports are available for download:

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