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Event — MARCH 11, 2019


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Join the SBP workshops about "Quality in Biobanking"

SBP and SNSF invite the research community to a Workshop on «Quality in Biobanking», March 11 2019 in Bern. The Workshop will specially be dedicated to identifying the necessary conditions to make data archiving and high sample quality possible and on how to achieve them. At the workshop, you will actively participate in shaping the future portfolio of SBP within the Swiss research landscape. 

Please register to this Workshop until March 1st 2019 and indicate the workshop you are interested to participate in.

A web-based solution to help biobanks efficiently identify areas and means of improvement

The word of the month


Any activity (e.g. sample processing) or set of activities that uses resources to transform inputs (e.g. collected samples) into outputs (e.g. ready-to-use samples).

BBMRI Swiss Node

SBP, as an independant association funded by Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), is the national node in the European network called BBMRI (Biobanking and BioMolecular resources Research Infrastructure).

SBP is thus the intermediate between swiss biobanks and the European countries through this network.


Create or improve my biobank

SBP is developing tools, documents and services to support your biobank comply with the essential requirements to process, store and distribute your samples.

The Biobank SQAN is the entry point to evaluate your needs in terms of the following issues:

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