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We promote the exchange and the use of biological samples

Once the sample-related data from different biobanks are comparable and searchable, researchers can assess the samples suitability for their projects. 

Interoperability strategy

Relevant sample data needs to be documented in a standardized way to become comparable and searchable. Biobanks are under ever growing pressure to improve documentation of samples and processes.  

What are our means of facilitating Interoperability?

SBP currently makes available several datasets that will soon be revised and integrated in a new Biobank Information Management System (BIMS) to provide an adaptive and interoperable solution to biobanks. 

« Finally a sample life cycle management tool (BIMS) that will be flexible, intuitive, promote standards and affordable to answer all your research needs. A great way to speed up discoveries! »

Raphaël Colsenet — IT Solution Architect, SBP Consultant


A new representation of SBP Datasets aims to assist biobanks in their implementation and to facilitate their integration into the future SBP BIMS.

Datasets v1.0

5 datasets exist for tissue and liquid samples derived from human and animals.

National experts who took part to SBP Working Groups agreed upon a list of data required to be documented for each sample.   

Datasets v2.0



Core Datasets
The essential fields characterizing biobanked samples, the Core Datasets, have been discussed and agreed upon during this workshop bringing together biobanking experts.

The SBP Core Datasets v2.0 are intended to:
— Foster documentation
— Encourage the implementation through a step-by-step approach
— Support the development of the SBP BIMS
— Upgrade the revision of SBP Labels to promote interoperability

The publication is planned for October 2022 after final validation by the SBP Board of Directors. This revision is aligned with current SPHN interoperability activities.

Extended Datasets
The variables that were not retained by the different groups during the workshop will be further discussed at the next review cycle, which will be set up to define the Extended Datasets (planned in 2023).

SBP Datasets v2.0

The publication is planned for October 2022.

Download SBP Datasets v1.0


Tissue dataset Liquid dataset


Tissue dataset Liquid dataset Supportive Information


Bacteria Supportive Information


Engage in the development of an adaptive solution that will facilitate traceability and interoperability.

Thanks to our large network of biobanks, we are in the unique situation of understanding the various needs of biobanks of all sizes and scopes in Switzerland .

SBP aims to build a new BIMS that would address regular shortcomings for the use of Swiss biobanks. Our goal is to establish a dynamic study design tool that enables a precise and meaningful representation of any given study protocol in the BIMS data flow.  

More news to come

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