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We promote the exchange and the use of biological samples

Once the sample-related data from different biobanks are comparable and searchable, researchers can assess the samples suitability for their projects. 

Interoperability strategy

Relevant sample data needs to be documented in a standardized way to become comparable and searchable. Biobanks are under ever growing pressure to improve documentation of samples and processes.  

What are our means of facilitating Interoperability?

SBP currently makes available several datasets that will soon be revised and integrated in a new Biobank Information Management System (BIMS) to provide an adaptive and interoperable solution to biobanks. 

« Finally a sample life cycle management tool (BIMS) that will be flexible, intuitive, promote standards and affordable to answer all your research needs. A great way to speed up discoveries! »

Raphaël Colsenet — IT Solution Architect, SBP Consultant


A new representation of SBP Datasets aims to assist biobanks in their implementation and to facilitate their integration into the future SBP BIMS.

Datasets v1.0

The first 5 SBP Datasets have been developed in 2018-2019 by field experts to support biobanks in different aspects related to documentation, sample quality, harmonization and interoperability. 

Datasets v2.0

In 2023, to support the biobanks in the implementation of the different datasets, SBP established a Core Dataset for Liquid (human and veterinary), Tissue (human and veterinary) and Bacteria, listing the essential variables that shall be documented when characterizing a sample stored in a biobank.

Following this publication, all the other variables that were not chosen to be included in the Core Datasets have been revised to define the Extended Dataset. These Extended Datasets contain the variables currently documented by the biobanks in their daily practice to ensure sample quality. These variables are also aligned with the last data elements as defined by MIABIS 3.0, SPREC 3.0 and the new SBP BIMS.


Engage in the development of an adaptive solution that will facilitate traceability and interoperability.

Thanks to our large network of biobanks, we are in the unique situation of understanding the various needs of biobanks of all sizes and scopes in Switzerland .

A new product, SBP SMPL, is currently under development with the aim to build a BIMS that would address the usual gaps for the use of Swiss biobanks. The goal is to establish a dynamic study design tool that enables a precise and meaningful representation of any given study protocol in the BIMS data flow.

Our system will offer a common basis for harmonization and sharing of information to all biobanks, regardless of their size, their affiliation to a university hospital and their level of funding.

The three main advantages of SBP SMPL:

  1. Considerably affordable system in terms of cost and operation for better compliance with traceability and security requirements
  2. Local support system for the establishment and monitoring of biobanks for rapid and available technical integration
  3. Highly collaborative and harmonized system for better sample sharing

We are currently in the development phase in collaboration with the pilot biobanks.

More news to come

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