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SBP offers to biobanks a compliance review leading to three Labels, each ensuring the good practices in various aspects of biobanking.

Want to get an SBP Label?

Quality strategy

The collected, processed and stored biological samples are important research tools used to perform efficient and high-quality investigations or research. Sample quality is a wide concept, which should be understood as a whole to establish standard control criteria and foster good biobanking practices.

What means Quality Management System for a biobank?

The control and monitoring of resources, assuring the ethical grounds and regulatory requirements, increasing policy improvement and stakeholder confidence. It allows strategic orientation towards performance, to meet the needs of researchers and the expectations of society.

SBP has developed tools and support documents to help biobanks in the establishment and implementation of their quality strategy. This documentation is at the cornerstone of quality and should be part of the Quality Control strategy developed by the biobank to satisfy the ISO 20387 standard requirement (“Biotechnology – Biobanking – General requirements for biobanking”).

SBP Quality Manual

A practical reference basis for biobanking Best Practices and International Quality Standards

Download SBP Quality Manual

« The Quality Management System is the Swiss Army Knife for the development of the biological resources and the know-how of a biobank. »

Jeanne-Hélène di Donato — Biobanks Consultant

Reach a higher level of quality

With this web-based solution, we evaluate the practices of your biobank and bring you to the next level.

Register on SBP SQAN

The evaluation process

  1. Biobank registration on
  2. Completion of an online questionnaire with about 250 questions covering
    multiple fields of biobanking
  3. Score calculation based on the biobank answers
  4. Review of answers and key documents (e.g. governance, SOPs)
  5. Summary of findings into a report and proposal of an action plan and support
    documentation for the gaps that were identified

What are the SBP labels?

Proclaim the quality of your biobank at a national level and become compliant with the different minimal requirements.

“I wish to comply with the applicable legal & ethical requirements”

“I wish to guarantee the quality of my biobanking processes and the harmonization of my practice at the national level”

“I wish to establish a complete Quality Management System (QMS) aligned to European projects”

« I particularly appreciated the first check phase which identified the processes we could improve and therefore facilitated our work in understanding where to focus. »

Dr Irina Banzola
– Urology Clinic, University of Zurich

How to obtain a label?

Advance the process toward excellence

When registering on Biobank SQAN, you take the first step on the practice assessment ladder.
Our experts will then
support you to progressively obtain compliance with the following minimal requirements

Register on our biobank evaluation tool

and reach a higher level of quality

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