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…is the capacity of a research infrastructure to remain operative, effective, and competitive over its expected lifetime.

*As defined by the OECD at the Global Science Forum in 2017.

SBP Cost Calculator

In order to maximise their use, visibility and efficiency, biobank infrastructures must develop a self-sustainable business model and apply a proper recovery cost for the activities they carry out.

To support this approach, SBP has developed a cost calculator to help biobank infrastructures determine the costs associated with the pre-analytical services they provide and to invoice interested parties (e.g. biobanks or researchers) in a transparent and harmonised manner.

This tool is provided in the form of an Excel document and is accompanied by a user guide.

This set of documents supports interested parties to consider all the costs associated to their project and raise awareness of the “hidden” and particularly substantial costs of biobanking activities.

The cost calculator was developed in collaboration with the main Swiss biobank infrastructures, namely

  • Universitätsspital Basel (representative: Andreas Loehrl) ;
  • Inselspital Bern (representative: Carlo Largiadèr) ;
  • University of Bern (representative: Aurel Perren);
  • CHUV Lausanne (representative: Elodie Ristorcelli);
  • HUG Geneva (representative: Pierre Lescuyer);
  • Universitätsspital Zürich (representative: Michael Weisskopf).

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