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The new interactive tool dedicated to Biobanks and Researchers

Firmly convinced that Biobanks are key partners in research, we developed the first national e-catalogue, intuitive and visual, for you to discover the Swiss Biobank Network.

Visibility strategy

Sample visibility, access, transparency and interconnectedness are the base for the development of biomedical research. These factors allow us to tackle one of the biggest challenges biobanks face which is the under-used banked samples.

How do we enable Visibility for researchers and biobanks?

To overcome this challenge and to respond the increasing demand for visibility, SBP has developed a Swiss directory that offers a shared platform for multiple biobanks while at the same time, the means for researchers to find their samples and data.

A concept for an electronic data infrastructure (e-catalogue) at the sample level has then been developed to maximize visibility through a network, where connections between biobanks and researchers are enabled not only on a national level but throughout Europe via the BBMRI Directory.

« From my perspective the e-catalogue will in particular increase visibility of our samples to the research community. »

Dr. med. vet. Franco Guscetti — Vetsuisse Faculty, University of Zürich

SBP NExT Interface

What’s SBP NExT?

From a biobank directory to a sample sharing tool

To promote the Biobank’s visibility and sample sharing, SBP has created the first national e-catalogue, SBP NExT for « Network Exploration Tool ». It combines the features of a directory (search at the biobank level) with the ones of a catalogue (search at a sample level) to encourage research.

The key to effective collaboration

Discover the joint procedure between biobanks and researchers.

NExT for Biobanks

Access the monitoring platform to upload your samples, choose the visibility extent of your data among the research community and upload access policies.

Detailed information for biobanks

NExT for Researchers

Access the exploration tool to find biobanks and samples. Interconnect and exchange with the biobanks through the innovative communication platform.

Detailed information for researchers
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