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SBP Sample Catalog (NExT) for biobanks

  • Give visibility to your biobank and samples
  • Interconnect with the research community
  • Network with biobanks nationally
SBP Sample Catalog (NExT)

Follow a few easy steps to achieve meaningful collaboration with researchers and partner biobanks

3 simple steps to share your samples

  1. As soon as your biobank has obtained at least one SBP Label it becomes visible on the SBP Sample Catalog (NExT).
  2. Sign up and we will grant you access to the administration console of your biobank 
  3. Upload your samples and decide to whom you make them visible


Share samples and communicate with your peers

The Communities are intended to encourage collaboration between researchers and biobanks outside the “public” part of NExT (e.g. consortia, cohorts,…). Interconnectivity and exchange between members is facilitated through a real communication platform.

Data & Security

No hassle, SBP guarantees the access, security and stability of the tool.

  • Pre-analytical data related to samples and protocols, with the exception of the sample ID, which will not be visible to the user
  • Donor data is protected by safeguards to avoid re-identification
    (e.g. if less than 10 occurrences for a sample type are available, no information will be displayed)

Give a try to our innovative tool for biobanks

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